Sine MC

Sine MC


Groove Couture

Colorful lines of acrylic pulse and whirl around your neck, like a equalizer pushed all the way up to the elevens. Whether clubbing in Gotham or grinding on Ocean Drive, our adjustable chain will ensure your choker snugs against you all the way up.

Inspired by the revolutionary beats record producer and executive Sylvia Robinson…

introduced to the globe. As founder and CEO of hip hop’s Sugar Hill Records, Sylvia rounded up the MCs that would become known as the Sugar Hill Gang and produced the foundational hit “Rapper’s Delight.” Next she produced “The Message" by Grandmaster Flash, which injected socially conscious lyrics to the art form. In recognition, the rap scene properly dubbed her “The Mother of Hip–Hop.” 

We invite you deeper into the world of Sylvia Robinson and to unite your soul with the boom, the beat, and you don’t stop.

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