Sine 355

Sine 355


Star-spangled Couture

Set your fireworks party ablaze this holiday in our “Sine 355” choker. Waves of the red, white and blue undulate around your neck in this unique piece.

Inspired by the mysterious, revolutionary war spy…

known only as agent 355. History continues to shield her identity, but not her impact on the foundation of the America. Agent 355 was a member of infamous Culper spy ring who imbedded with British officials and loyalists to relay troop movements to George Washington, often through messages encoded or penned in invisible ink. Though credited with exposing key members of British intelligence, perhaps her greatest feat was uncovering General Benedict Arnold’s plans to betray the Revolution, and in doing so, saved the fort at West Point.

We invite you deeper into the secret world of Agent 355 and to celebrate your independence in our Orbital 355. 

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