Orbital Boom

Orbital Boom


Velocity Couture

black, white and red acrylic with sterling silver magnetic clasp; 18”-20” long.

Neo-fashion take on the simplicity and luster of pearls. Handcrafted strings of shimming black drips, forever frozen in time, loop your neck and secure magnetically in the back.

Looking for a bracelet to match? We recommend our NOX Above.

Inspired by the raw courage of Jacqueline Cochran…

the first woman to break the sound barrier, booming out over the California desert, as she willed that Sabrejet to the supersonic. In the clouds, Ms Cochran shattered more speed, altitude and distance records than anyone with a heartbeat. And her tireless efforts fighting military brass to allow in female pilots lead to the WASP program (Women Airforce Service Pilots). 

We invite you deeper into the world of Jacqueline Cochran and to risk the edge of possible in our orbitals.

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