IO Nocturne

IO Nocturne


Sublime Couture

black acrylic, sterling silver & wire; 15” interior dimension which flexes to fit the wearer.

By far, the best-selling piece in the history of abrams wearable. This is the must have IO Nocturne. Adaptable for every taste. The design of this sculpture, in perfect black, will define your wardrobe. IO collars are multi-functional pieces which can be swiveled about the neck to wear in a variety of positions, or as a statement hair accessory for your most memorable celebrations.

Looking for a bracelet to match? We suggest our NOX Above or our EC Ash.

Inspired by the dark elegance of Lili Boulanger's…

composition "Nocturne". Ms Boulanger’s tale is one of a great, classical talent taken from us too soon. She is remembered for being the first female winner of the prestigious Prix de Rome competition for composers. Nocturne is an deeply touching and delicately constructed work, that showcases her budding genius and dedication to her craft. 

Abrams Wearable invites you deeper into the world of Lili Boulanger and allow our IO Nocturne to complete your fashion masterpieces.

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