IO Gozen

IO Gozen


Warrior Couture 

deep red, crisp white with a hint of black acrylic, sterling silver & wire; 15” interior dimension which flexes to fit the wearer.

Immaculate white filaments circle around this stunning work, finishing as a spray of dominant red.

Looking for a matching bracelet? We suggest our EC Ash.

Inspired by samurai Tomoe Gozen…

described as a riveting beauty with milky white skin and wielding a flawless long sword. 

As Samurai tradition stated, a warrior must sever the head of a challenger they have bested, in order to show the next comer what awaits should they fail. Leader Gozen beheaded many rivals on her march into the history books as one of the fiercest swordsmen this globe has witnessed. 

The Taira and Minamoto fighting colors (red for the former, white for the latter) are not only emblematic of Japan (including the national flag) but also are used to divide people into competitive teams

Throughout the years, Gozen has been lionized by artists in a wealth of mediums from intricate woodblock to graphic, modern manga. 

We invite you deeper into the world of Tomoe Gozen and to enter the battle confident you’ve already won. 

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