IO Fire

IO Fire


Fiery Couture

red and blood orange acrylic, sterling silver & wire; 15” interior dimension which flexes to fit the wearer.

Spotlight your grand entrance in this rich red and blood-orange work. Set the red carpet ablaze. IO collars are multi-functional pieces which can be swiveled about the neck to wear in a variety of positions, or as a statement hair accessory for your most memorable celebrations.

Looking for a matching bracelet? We suggest our Nox Rebel.

Inspired by the work of legendary firefighter Molly Williams….

Ms Williams cemented her place in history not only as the first female firefighter, but the first African American female firefighter. She was heralded for often outclassing the men of her crew, as she courageously helped save New Yorkers with her tireless effort and class. 

Abrams Wearable invites you you deeper into the world of Molly Williams and have the courage to be the beacon drawing others to you, as the joint burns down around you.

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