IO Fire

IO Fire

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red and blood orange acrylic, sterling silver & wire; 15” interior dimension which flexes to fit the wearer.

Spotlight your grand entrance in this rich red and blood-orange work. Set the red carpet ablaze. IO collars are multi-functional pieces which can be swiveled about the neck to wear in a variety of positions, or as a statement hair accessory for your most memorable celebrations.

The IO Nocturne is available in two variations - short filaments and long. We find the short filaments fit our young, petite and pixie clients best. Think tweens through early high school and Audrey Hepburn. The longer filaments work best for the majority of wearers and give a more dramatic look.

To fit, place your IO around the neck and tighten till it feels comfortable and secure. With the opening to the back, you’ll have dramatic the fringe in front and a lovely swish around the neck. Rotate with the grain till the silver tip is 1/3rd down the neck for an asymmetrical sweep. Or rotate more till the opening is at the base of the neck. We recommend lightly grasping the piece where the collarbone forms a triangle on each side of your neck, and bend both sides down. This will cause the collar to settle more deeply into position, conforming to the collarbone and prevent “shelving”. To wear on your head, feel free to straighten out the tips for less poking.

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