Helix 51

Helix 51


Twisted Couture. 

Glossy black strings deceptively interweave with dramatic hints of red, white and yellow. This mesmerizing work leaves the impression of a scarf, but the profile of an arresting work of jewelry. The Helix 51 makes an even bolder statement when turned around. Now the piece mimics a stylish choker, with the fringe lavishly splaying across your back with each turn on the runway.

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Inspired by Rosalind Franklin’s X-ray image of DNA labeled Photo 51…

which led to the discovery of the DNA double helix. Although Franklin  was excluded from the Nobel Prize that Watson, Crick and Wilkins shared for the discovery, history books and the scientific community have since given her the proper credit in helping to construct our model of DNA. The Rosalind Franklin Society, established in her honor, seeks to highlight and advance groundbreaking discoveries of women in science. 

We invite you deeper into the world of Rosalind Franklin and to demand the crowd’s attention in our Helix 51.

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