Bluesy IO Collar

Bluesy IO Collar


navy, white, yellow #5, blood orange, crimson red acrylic, sterling silver & wire; 15” interior dimension which flexes to fit the wearer.

A very special piece.… It took just three ticks of the long hand, once Natalie finished this prototype, before it was sold to a gorgeous neck headed to Blues Alley for the night. Seems like a fitting destination. 

Adaptable for every taste, this piece around your neck will turn all heads in admiration. This IO has a unique design in the application of colour. The outer diameter is a stripe of deep, navy blue sprinkled with strands of white. On either side of the navy stripe are bands of white and the lovely, lemony shade of yellow #5. Completing the piece on the inside is a stroke of rich blood orange and deep crimson red. The end spray is a silky mix of all colours. IO collars are multi-functional pieces which can be bent and conformed to the wearer. Swivel this wearable sculpture about the neck to wear in a variety of positions, or as a statement hair accessory for your most memorable celebrations.

Meticulous craftsmanship goes into making the IOs. Each filament is hand dipped in a custom formula of acrylic paint. Each strand is then cut to length and assembled. The result is a skin soft, supple line which holds shape, yet conforms to the wearer. With a look of aggressive bad-assery, the feel is exactly the opposite.

To fit, place your IO around the neck and tighten till it feels comfortable and secure. With the opening to the back, you’ll have dramatic fringe in front and a lovely swish around the neck. Rotate with the grain till the silver tip is 1/3rd down the neck for possibly the most popular position, an asymmetrical sweep. Or rotate more till the opening is at the base of the neck. We recommend lightly grasping the piece where the collarbone forms a triangle on each side of your neck, and bend both sides down. This will cause the collar to settle more deeply into position, conforming to the collarbone and prevent “shelving”. To wear on your head, feel free to straighten out the tips for less poking. Designed to bend, manipulating the piece will not damage it.

Wear Paint. Tu es l’art. 

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