subtle plays on texture, colour, materials, define our pieces and reflect the approach and materials of an artist. a sculptor to be more specific. 

the perception of the filaments is one of a fierce, uncomfortable wire. the reality is a skin soft, flexible line that is silky, immaculate and comfortable to wear. the perception is a rigid collar which constricts, but the reality is an adjustable piece which bends and conforms to your shape. each filament is handmade; different core lines which introduce shape, movement and structure are dipped into a custom formula of acrylic paint. the paint streams down the line, retaining the drop shapes to create the illusion of pooling liquid. other pieces are defined by how colour is laid in crystal clear resin to create optical illusions… pools of colour moving through liquid, shadows, halos and a flash of colour as the piece moves. or clear bumps on the surface which catch and reflect colour, only to appear clear again when the angle changes. nylon lines add to the visual perception of floating elements, instead of being grounded by wire.

we strive to create some element of magic in every piece, combining artistic and sculptural approaches with contemporary jewelry and accessories design to create dynamic pieces which are truly wearable sculpture.