Q. My Abrams Wearable is sold out, will you be offering more?

We are sorry, all Abrams Wearable pieces are handmade and is an evolving work. Although color choices and designs will often re-occur, the only way to ensure getting the design in the color you want is to buy it when it first becomes available. To be alerted when new options are available, sign-up for notification here (link to contact page).

Q. Do you create custom pieces?

Natalie Abrams does allow for custom orders of our Iconic pieces, for special occasions (when time permits). Please contact Curator@Abramswearable.com for pricing, availability and times.

q. what if i can't wear a magnetic clasp?

we understand that not everyone is able to wear magnets. please email us at customer-care@abramswearable.com or scroll to the bottom of the page to discuss options for substituting the magnetic clasp on the piece you're interested in.

Q. How should I care for my pieces?

Please use soft cleansers only. To avoid damage to the acrylic finish and other materials, please avoid harsh cleaners including bleach, ammonia, or isopropyl alcohol. Although your Abrams Wearable can be worn in every season, please avoid extended exposure to extreme cold. If a filament strand develops a bend or kink, warming the filament with a hairdryer on low heat setting will soften it and allow it to be straightened. If you find the filaments have compacted from pressure, place in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, remove and fluff. Although durable, your Abrams Wearable is acrylic, so please be careful around sharp surfaces. 

Q. How long until I get my order?

Abrams Wearable is a burgeoning art company, and as such, please allow us 7 - 10 business days for shipping, not including holidays. If you have any concerns, contact us at hi@abramswearable.com.