pod D

pod D


Highest Score Couture

Our charming update on the traditional studs. Like swirling pools of paint on an artist’s easel, our pods are understated but vivid and mesmerizing. The distinctive tail slips through your piercings with ease, and add a bit of confidence and distinction as they lay against the back of your lobe. Stand out in these futuristic, asymmetric pieces. While a pair, each earring is uniquely handmade. 

Currently available in the shown red, white and blue. More colors on the horizon, as well as custom designs available in our custom couture section.

Inspired by the imagination of Dona Bailey

who, as the lone female designer at Atari, crafted and programmed the smash-hit game Centipede. 

We invite you deeper into the world of Dona Bailey, as you imagine the designs of our future in Pod Ds. 

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