Blossom 6 Earrings

Blossom 6 Earrings


acrylic, resin, sterling silver and plated silver micro cable; 3” long with an approximately 3/4” diameter cluster of acrylic petals.

Each Blossom set is unique and won’t be duplicated. In “Blossom 6”, hues of violet, grass green and chartreuse swirl to life to create our elegantly designed earrings. Elements plucked from the garden, blend with the artistry of meticulous engineering. The mesmerizing result is indeed wearable sculpture. 

Petals of abstract marbled acrylic are created through a precisely controlled pouring process. No two the same, each cluster is suspended from a delicate 3” sterling silver plated micro-cable and custom argentium t-bar post. All our Blossoms are feather-light, allowing you to be couture everywhere from a sunrise beach to a shoreline wedding at dusk. Look stunning in every selfie. Just have fun, and never have to go home to change.

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