Base Pair Minimalist Earrings

Base Pair Minimalist Earrings


Play with illusion as well as mix and match your Base Pair. These spherical earrings have a frosted finish and are polished on the flat bottom.

The white stripe earring is clear on the top and bottom with a band of white in the middle, casting optical illusions of three different layers of white opacity. The multi-colored stripe earrings create the optical illusion of a halo of colour at the bottom.

Colour options include:

  • transparent pale pink

  • transparent pale yellow

  • transparent pale blue

  • translucent frost, white stripe, clear

  • hot pink, blood orange, clear

  • bright yellow, hot pink, clear

  • deep turquoise, chartreuse, clear

  • deep turquoise, chartreuse full colour

Pods are 5/8” in diameter and earrings are approximately 2” long. The nylon ear wire provides the illusion of a floating ball while being hypoallergenic to those who can’t wear metals. Each earring comes with earring back to prevent the piece from falling out. Handmade from resin and various pigments.

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