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custom couture

remember us, when planning all of your life-changing events, and allow natalie to handcraft your exclusive, custom sculptural works. sign-up today, or mark your calendar now, for a one-on-one consultation with the artist herself.  you can rely on natalie  to make your weddings, galas and happenings both exquisite and unforgettable.

pricing is based on whether you merely want a custom size or color, or if you want an entirely newly piece designed during a consult between you and natalie.

please email us at or visit our contact page to schedule your consultation. in addition to basic piece info, Please let us know your timeframe, the number of pieces and the event you're celebrating if applicable.

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pure bridal couture

We view a wedding as a perfectly-clean canvas for the bride to express her love with, as she orchestrates a dazzling masterpiece. And to truly show the you inside, a modern woman needs expressive tools, not the rehashed and reused designs of the past. 

Coming soon, Abrams Wearables will be offering our “PURE” line of tiaras, chokers, headbands, earrings, veils and bracelets for brides and their parties. Custom colors and designs are available. 

Write us today to schedule a consultation about your upcoming events.