Orbital Burn

Orbital Burn


Skater Couture

blood orange and pale lavender acrylic with sterling silver magnetic clasp; 25”-35” strands.

Neo-fashion take on the simplicity and luster of pearls. Handcrafted strings of shimming blood orange and pale lavender drips, forever frozen in time, loop your wrist or neck and secure magnetically in the back. 

Inspired by legendary skater Cara-Beth Burnside,

as she ironically rocked a pink board and helmet across the cover of Thrasher magazine. As one of the pioneer female snowboarders and skaters, Ms Burnside often was the only qualifying female in pro events featuring a field of male superstars. She is an X games gold medalist on both snow and skateboards. Through her steely determination, sick skills and vocal leadership, she paved the way for a generation of female action sports stars that followed in her wake. 

We invite you deeper into the world of Cara-Beth Burnside, and defy you to Fahrenheit 451 the book of rules in our Orbital Burn.

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