Watercolor Couture

pale lavender and chartreuse acrylic; 2.75” interior diameter.

NOX Geo is made with supple filaments of soft pale lavender and chartreuse. Because each Nox is handcrafted, the twists and jutting filaments of each will be as unique as the woman who wears it.

Inspired by the apple blossom paintings of Georgia O’Keefe…

Ms O’Keefe earned the mantle of the world’s highest paid female artist young in her career, and never let go of it. She currently she holds the record for the highest price tag garnered by a female’s artwork. Although O’Keefe was skillful capturing many forms and emotions, from the purely abstract to her dark still lives of skulls, she will be best remembered for focusing her godlike lens upon blooms of milky-toned petals (often brushed with whispers of intense sexuality). In a word, she was masterful. 

We invite you to learn more about Georgia O’Keefe and expose your gentle intensity of our Nox Geo.  

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