NOX Freestyle

NOX Freestyle


Poolside Couture

deep blue, red and white acrylic; 2.75” interior diameter.

Waterproof. Sweatproof. Waveproof. So weightless and bendable, you can spike beach volleyballs all day in these. Supple filaments of deep navy, ruby red and crisp white intertwine in this piece of sporty couture. 

Inspired by gold medal swimmer Katie Ledecky’s…

spin and dolphin kick. Whatever your home country, it’s impossible not to root for Katie. From the time she burst onto the global swim-scene at 15, she was outracing legends and threatening records. Often her toughest competition is her own personal bests, rather than the competition entire body lengths behind her. Her dedication to practice has honed her muscle memory and reaction time into the otherworldly. During her career she’s broken thirteen records and gathered up 26 international medals... and counting. 

We invite you to learn more about Katie Ledecky and rock our couture down the water slide.

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