EC Josephine

EC Josephine


Runway Couture

red and blood orange acrylic, sterling silver plated base dotted with enamel; 2.625" interior diameter.

Rich red and blood orange strands explode out from the silver base. Even the interior of this bracelet is smirking and peacocking with its dotted orange interior. This bracelet is for those confident enough to show it off and talented enough to take the stage. 

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Inspired by Diana Ross…

draped in red feathers portraying Josephine Baker. Although Ms. Ross never was able to film her scheduled version of the Josephine Baker bio picture, she often paid tribute to her predecessor in style and song. 

Neither woman needs an introduction, as both are legends in entertainment and humanity. Josephine was famously refused to perform for segregated audiences in the United States and spoke beside Martin Luther King at the March on Washington. She acted as a spy and a safe house during the Nazi invasion, and won countless awards for both her efforts to help human kind as well as her glorious entertainment career. She redefined bravery, continually redefining how people thought about sexuality, and race, and gender. 

We invite you to look deeper into the world of Josephine Baker, and to proudly show the globe your defiance to fear in our EC Josephine.

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