EC Ash

EC Ash


Danger Couture

white acrylic with black and red details, black powder coated base dotted with white enamel; 2.625" interior diameter.

From a black base, white and black stands shoot outward and pop with red drips. White dots, like devilish casino dice, finish the interior.

Looking for a matching necklace? We suggest our IO Gozen.

Inspired by rock climber Ashima Shiraishi…

often seen with white-chalked hands and bright-red nail polish, as she scales the most impossible of heights. Arguably one of, if not the, greatest freestyle climbers in the world (though only in her teens). Named as one of Time's Next Generation leaders, Shiraishi says, “In climbing, gender really doesn’t matter. You’re just facing the wall. Even if you’re bigger or smaller than someone, you’re tackling the same thing. It’s just your determination and focus and dedication, and that’s what makes you stronger.”

Abrams Wearable invites you deeper into the world of Ashima Shiraishi and visualize yourself overtopping your greatest fears in your EC Ash.

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