Barres yX

Barres yX


Brainy Couture

black and white acrylic, sterling silver magnetic clasp; 7.5” or 9.75” circumference.

Our distinctive take on everyday wear, which speaks in bold fonts. The intertwined strands transition from all black to oscillating stripes of black and white, like an optical illusion around your wrist. It makes a statement from across the room. Secured with a silver magnetic clasp, the Barres yX comes in two sizes, to fit you perfectly. 

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Barres yX is inspired by…

pioneering neurobiologist Ben Barres, the first openly transgender scientist in the National Academy of Sciences. His work focused on groundbreaking discoveries regarding the structure and function of the human mind. Hailed as a “towering legacy of goodness,” Barres used his extensive experience of sexism and gender discrimination prior to his gender reassignment to expose and tirelessly fight for inclusivity in the sciences. 

Abrams Wearable invites you deeper into the world of Ben Barres and to wear your Barres daily to celebrate those searching for answers and helping expand human understanding. 

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