meet natalie abrams

natalie abrams is an american sculptor and jewelry designer, who has exhibited nationally at the pentimenti gallery, the mccoll center for art + innovation, redux contemporary art center, city ice arts, glass wheel studio, the boston center for the arts, and numerous other distinguished galleries. ms abrams has been awarded several coveted residencies including the sam and adele golden foundation for the arts, escape to create and the jentel foundation. her pieces are included in  prominent collections including those held by the thompson, spurlock, fitzhugh, bell and deluca families, as well as marsha dowler, cassie brown, karen keane holland and other notable figures within the industry. in recognition of her mastery of their product, industry leader r&f paints asked her to create a signature piece for their corporate headquarters. natalie’s main studio currently resides inside the legendary torpedo factory art center, just outside washington dc. 


"i did everything i could to suppress the urge to create..." -- natalie abrams 

born in highland park, outside chicago, natalie hails from a rather fascinating lineage. her father was a keiretsu elite. her mother was a chaos theorist - who earned full scholarship offers to the university of michigan and  m.i.t., and later was accepted into the phd program at university of chicago despite not finishing her bachelor's degree. her uncle, and childhood hero, was a rhodes scholar in german literature and antiquities, who worked as an underwater photographer for jacques cousteau and playboy. her love of art began in the third grade, as most days natalie's babysitter was a painting class at the school of the art institute of chicago, down the hall from her mother's office. fine art as a profession, however, was not a course her family could understand. and so, she studied design in college, spending over a decade running an architectural consulting firm in nyc, with celebrity and fortune 100 clients. 

in 2000, she moved back to denver and began taking figure drawing lessons from hans hofmann's protege, and shortly after dedicated her life fully to her artistic pursuits. the culmination of years of development with various media, ms abrams began constructing sculptures featuring sweeping, delicate structures which mimicked vibrant organisms and fantastical plant-life. during this period, her pieces reflected her devotion to environmental causes, exploring the systemic nature of interaction between societies and their environment.

"it began with a single string..." -- natalie abrams

by 2012, her sculpture work had adopted a more scientific tone, as she confronted the future sustainability of our global environment. natalie designed a large scale installation in 2014, while a resident of golden paints. the custom formulas she developed, as well as her mastery of liquid mediums, would become the basis for abrams wearable. the installation was to feature stands of filament covered with what appeared to be freshly dripping paint. loving the soft feel and dramatic look of the strands, friends began "borrowing" the colorfully-painted filaments to tie around their wrists. soon, more friends began asking.  

natalie officially opened abrams wearable in november of 2017, finally offering her wearable sculpture designs to the public. she moved her jewelry studio to the legendary torpedo factory art center, just outside washington dc. through her accessory work, ms abrams explores the transformative and empowering nature of fashion, incorporating materials and forms which reflect a departure from traditional adornments; referencing a future of scientific discovery, the promise of biomimicry and her hope for the growth of humanity.

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